Talkie Walkie is an illustration agency based in Paris. We represent a selection of international illustrators, collaborating with a wide range of clients in the fields of press, communication and culture.

Talkie Walkie is an illustration agency based in Paris. We represent a selection of international illustrators, collaborating with a wide range of clients in the fields of press, communication and culture.


IMG 529

Between the pear and the cheese, Jean Michel Tixier had the opportunity to update the menu of Bouillon with new illustrations. On the menu: zest of absurdity and touch of fantasy.

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Gwendal le bec talkie walkie velomag1

Gwendal Le Bec

Vélo Magazine / L'Équipe

A few weeks ago, we were pleased to announce the arrival of Gwendal Le Bec within the agency.Today is an opportunity for us to present you one of these latest illustration series for Vélo Magazine by l'Équipe, in which he offers a very poetic and humorous vision of the world of cycling!

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Jean jullien talkie walkie bon marche mise en page1

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien / Le Bon Marché

Only a few days left to discover Jean Jullien's Paper People at Le Bon Marché!
From 24 February to 21 April, Jean Jullien's giant Paper People will be on display at Le Bon Marché as part of the "Mise en Page" project initiated by Sarah Andelman. The experience begins through the 10 windows on rue de Sèvres, where pedestrians are taken on a narrative journey depicting the latest chapter in the history of the Paper People.
Past and present collaborations will also be on show, including the 90th anniversary edition of Rhodia paper blocks - which we'll be talking about shortly - as well as a selection of the artist's books, including a new publication from Just an Idea telling the story of Paper People.

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Cruschiform talkie walkie residence


0Résidence Artistique GRAINES

Following the creation of her book "L'Odyssée des Graines", to be published by Gallimard, Cruschiform follows up with her work on this subject as a resident at Saint-Jean du Gard. She will be there for several weeks, benefiting of the setting offered by the Cévennes to produce a series of illustrations on the theme of nature's creativity, and to work with different audiences and artists. This project will be presented in a unique exhibition in September.

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Stefan glerum talkie walkie gallowstreet pochette 01

Stefan Glerum


Stefan Glerum has designed the cover for the latest single from Dutch band Gallow Street.
The band is set aboard a hybrid, retro-futuristic musical vessel, carried along by the breath of the members of this astonishing electronic-sounding octet!

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Laurent duvoux talkie walkie altereco ecologie

Laurent Duvoux

Alternatives Économiques

The independent medium Alternatives Économiques called on Laurent Duvoux for their latest special issue, which looks at the major issues for 2024. Among them, the ecology, and in particular the timber industry and drought, are illustrated as usual with wit and accuracy by Laurent Duvoux.

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Playground paris talkie walkie podcast fifty couv


Fifty States / Podcast

With the forthcoming presidential elections in the United States, journalist Guillaume Hennette is conducting an investigation through his podcast Fifty States. He asked Playground Paris to design 50 covers depicting the specific features of the 50 American states, each the subject of an episode of the show, and the contrasts and disparities that define the American electoral system.

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Jean michel tixier talkie walkie course des cafes2

Jean-Michel Tixier

La course des Cafés / Agence 4Août

Eau de Paris has teamed up with Jean-Michel Tixier to produce the poster for the legendary Course des Cafés, which takes place this March. The poster conveys the lighthearted values of sharing, cheerfulness and challenging oneself, while highlighting the unusual concept of this race, inviting waiters and waitresses to compete over a 2km course, tray and carafe of water in hand.

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Julien pacaud talkie walkie boghossian vign1

Julien Pacaud


To illustrate its history, the Boghossian fine jewellery house has asked Julien Pacaud to create an animation film. The lively collages, combining photos and illustrations, plunge us into the brand's upmarket world through a dreamlike narrative with a delicate rhythm.

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Jean andre talkie walkie uniqlo maraisn

Jean André


In his latest project for UNIQLO, Jean André has created a range of exclusive love themed designs, in all senses - love of others, love of self, love of travel, love of Paris, love of close ones... This project, in two parts, has been launched in the Parisian shops of the Marais, Opéra and Rivoli via the UTme! and RE.UNIQLO studio personalisation workshops, which can respectively print or embroider the patterns in the desired size and position on UNIQLO basics. Jean André's kind stroke can also be found on pieces available in-store until the end of March 2024.

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Gwendal le bec talkie walkie welcome

Gwendal Le Bec

Bienvenue !

We are delighted to welcome Gwendal Le Bec to Talkie Walkie !

Check out his portfolio here.

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Antoine corbineau EMB progr

A fresh approach to the visual identity of the Espace Michelle Berger in Sannois was brought to life thanks to the dynamic hand of Antoine Corbineau. It conveys the values of conviviality, creativity and sharing that are the hall's trademarks, as it is committed to supporting artists on their musical journey. The use of bright colours conveys the eclecticism of the venue through illustrations that highlight its festive atmosphere and its ideal setting for socialising and discovering new horizons.

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Debora szpilman talkie walkie TW Carte De Voeux

Debora Szpilman

Happy New Year !

Better late than never, Talkie Walkie would like to wish you all the best for 2024! 2023 has been a great year, with us working on a number of exciting projects for Uniqlo, Hermès, Samsung, France Culture, Netflix and Rhodia. We've also had the chance to meet some great people, including two new artists who have joined the agency: Quentin Schwab and Debora Szpilman. Debora has given us the pleasure of producing our greetings card, which is cheerful, friendly and light, and expresses everything we wish you for the New Year! See you soon, Sarah and Edouard.

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Quentin schwab talkie walkie Elle deco 3

Quentin Schwab

Elle Déco / Hors série

In the latest Hors serie of Elle Déco, Quentin Schwab and his informal, approachable graphic style strike a detached, offbeat tone to illustrate the article dealing with the problem of rip-off furniture. With their lively, dynamic style, the drawings make you smile at first, but this humorous approach also encourages you to question this rather delicate subject in the world of design.

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Debora szpilman talkie walkie book dec23 couv

Debora Szpilman

New York Times / Book Review

This time it's in the pages of the latest New York Times that the characters of Debora Szpilman have taken up residence, illustrating the cover of the American newspaper's literary section. Wit and humour are at the heart of Debora's designs, perfectly in tune with the tone of the article, which discusses the memoirs of the world's wealthiest people. Depicted in colour, they stand out from the other items included in the images, which are in black and white.

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Bruno mangyoku talkie walkie thetelegraph2023

Bruno Mangyoku

The Telegraph Magazine

To mark the start of the new year, the Telegraph magazine turned to Bruno Mangyoku to illustrate the cover of the first issue of 2024. The design is intended to depict a compilation of key events of the past year, featuring the major figures of the period, with references and characteristics specific to each one of them. With a touch of irony, this retrospective is a light-hearted and humorous way of looking forward to the New Year, for which we send you our very best wishes.

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Jean michel tixier talkie bouillon noel

The spirit of Christmas has reached Les Bouillons Pigalle & République with a new illustration by Jean-Michel Tixier, whose humorous, offbeat approach has once again brought Parisian restaurants to life. We take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas.

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Alexis tyrsa talkie walkie buche5

Alexis Tyrsa

L'Entrenous / Benoît Castel

Almost 10 years after their first collaboration, Tyrsa and Benoît Castel have teamed up yet again to offer a Christmas log that recalls the spirit of sharing and reuniting associated with the festive season. Lettering and culinary expertise come together in this finely crafted pastry. Through its unique graphics, L'Entrenous celebrates the bond with our nearest and dearest, and invites us to enjoy a tasty experience.

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Antoine corbinea babybel noel24

Antoine Corbineau

Babybel / Agence Rosbeef

As the festive season approaches, Babybel has teamed up with Antoine Corbineau to create an illustration for their new campaign that will challenge young and old alike... In a wintry landscape combining the themes of both Christmas and the mountains, Antoine has skilfully hidden a multitude of tiny elements referring to the brand, in the style of a "Where's Wally" board. It's a meticulous, colourful illustration that you can browse on your screen or print out at home!

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Jean michel tixier talkie etiquette beaujolais photo 2

Jean-Michel Tixier

Que le spectacle commence

In line with the annual Beaujolais Nouveau period, Jean-Michel Tixier was entrusted with the task of illustrating the wine labels for the cuvée "Que le Spectacle Commence" produced by the natural winemaker Jean-Claude Lapalu. As a lover of wine, and in particular of this famous winemaker, Jean-Michel took great pleasure in creating this figurative representation of the name of the cuvée. Theatrical and burlesque, the label evokes both the celebrations associated with the unveiling of the new millésime and the spirit of conviviality that comes from sharing a good bottle of wine.

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